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The art of communication


Design / illustration

Over 30 years of experience has taught us that effective design is only possible in the hands of a creative designer. Average is ignored, outstanding sells. It’s as simple as that.


Photography / video

Angle, background, colour, depth, exposure, focus, gels, image, manipulation, knowledge, lighting . . . . .
Photography, many people try, very few succeed.


HTML / WordPress / custom CMS

We believe in attractive, reliable, concise, imaginative and easy to navigate sites. If only all websites were designed with this philosophy.


Creative Advertising
Have your cake and eat it

Some advertising agencies take a customers marketing budget and use it to expand their own creative portfolio with little thought to whom the product or service is aimed at. They disappear for a few months, turn up with a shiny new campaign, invoice, and disappear. This is not our way.


We believe in approaching every campaign, from Branding to Multi Media with an “End User Perspective”. This means we look at your marketing from the point of view of your potential customer.


Only you can tell us about your potential market, then it is up to us to look at ways you can expand it. We will discuss in detail how we believe we can help your business, and when the project is underway we will stay in contact every step of the way.


Therefore you can hire an agency and keep control. In other words have your cake and eat it.

It's all in the detail

In-house control

When you choose to place an order with SPA Creative it means that your company has access to an enviable range of facilities and expertise. Our “In House” policy means that we are able to undertake all design work, studio and location photography, web design, coding, video production and editing giving complete control of the creative process from start to finish.

This means you get direct access to our team, tighter schedules and very competitive prices alongside the quality guaranteed by SPA.

  • The design
    Experienced and friendly

    The work of our design team can be found on every continent excluding Antarctica (we’re working on that).

  • The image
    In-house studio facility

    Photography is an art, an image should provoke emotion, understanding and thought from the viewer.


    From our in-house studio or on location we’ve got over 30 years experience in photographing everything from dried flowers to roads!

  • The web
    A site that works for you

    A website is a long-term investment. Do you need it to gather data, take bookings/orders or process payment now or in the future? Do you need to update sections of it regularly? Web designers rarely tell you it is possible to start off with a basic site and expand as required.

  • The word
    The language of communication

    We make the first sentence count. If the attention of the readers/audience is not attained at the beginning your message will be lost.


    We check the spelling and grammar, errors reflect on the business giving the impression of amateurism.

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