It is so easy for businesses to be talked into advertising they don’t need. This is certainly an area where precious funds can be totally wasted and an area where businesses do need independent advice from the beginning.

Firstly. Assess when you are likely to need advertising and don’t get led into spur of the moment decisions. You will get many telephone calls offering cut price magazine space, a weeks worth of radio ads or banners across web pages, but always remember the people selling advertising space don’t care about your business, so think carefully before committing, or better still ask us whether it’s worth it!

Who is your target audience and what are their habits? Which media would be the most appealing for them? SPA Creative can help you answer these questions and many more by assessing how you need to advertise and what options lie within your budget.



Advertising should reflect your business needs, for small companies a local campaign or even advertising on social media may be all thats needed, we will advise on the best way forward.



Still one of the most important ways to increase sales and a vital part of any campaign, we can help develop, organise and design your future press advertising within budget and on time.


Web Banners

Advertising on web pages has become recognised as being increasingly important over the last few years, we utilise this media in producing a successful integrated campaign.



Design and production of promotional matter from simple posters to pull-up stands, roadside banners, event merchandise, quickly, simply, effectively.