What do you do?

This phrase is probably the most unimaginative question at a social gathering, but one that needs to be addressed prior to discussing any branding or graphic design project.

The visual stimulus provided by effective corporate design has to provoke positive recognition in the eyes of the potential customer. It not only has to be aesthetically pleasing, but every aspect should accurately reflect the core values of your company. This is the case whether you are releasing a simple flyer or going through an entire re-branding project.

It’s not only the first impression that counts. Well-designed marketing materials make them more attractive for customers to retain and return to, which means repeat business for you.


Corporate Branding

A carefully thought out corporate branding strategy will pay dividends for many years. It should reflect the core principles of your business whilst being uncomplicated enough to be memorable. Think of BP or Coca Cola as examples.


Design for Print

Styles, colours, fonts and overall layout of flyers or brochures change dramatically depending on the size and shape of the printed medium, even if it is simply expanding from A5 to A4. We design directly for press that enables last minute changes to be made saving money and time.

web design

Design for Web

Are you satisfied with your image on the web? This is vitally important to the well being of your business. A technological marvel of a site is no use if it doesn’t attract customers and pay for itself in the shortest possible time. If you don’t like it, rest assured, no one else will.

package design

Package Design

Original Package Design can achieve a number of key points in your favour. It can create brand familiarity, especially if your product is in a retail environment; a sense of anticipation can be achieved, especially in the case of food, toys or leisure goods; the sign of quality can be assured.